Summer Concert Series Waitlist

Dear Patron: What’s your choice?

  • The two concerts of our Summer Concert Series will be held live at the White Oak Pavilion at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum.
  • For each concert, there will be two performances; each has indoor seating (tickets: $35) and outdoor seating (free). SEATING IS LIMITED!
  • Fill out the survey below to select your seating preference.
  • Notification: Between May 1 and May 10, we expect to notify those on the waitlist as to their status, and process tickets.
  • Tickets: Limited seating; respond soon.
  • Parking: If ticket holders have a Lane County Parks Pass, they can park for free; otherwise, parking passes are available for purchase ($5).
  • Reminder: Performances are rain or shine!
  • Questions? Concerns? Please email us at or call us at 541-953-9204.

Let us know your preference!


  • All seating, indoor and outdoor, will be spaced according to social distancing guidelines at the time of concert.
  • Face masks must be worn, covering both mouth and nose. Face shields alone are not acceptable.
  • INDOOR SEATING: Chairs provided.
  • OUTDOOR SEATING: Seating in the grassy area outside the Pavilion. Chairs not provided. 
Waitlist Survey March 2021
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