My Opinion of Social Distancing

posted on   by  Loi Heldt

By Jessica Lambert, Artistic Director

Well, I have completed not even one full week of social distancing and I have to say, even as a person with a nonexistent social life, it sucks. Please pardon my strong language, but I miss everyone. However, I am finding ways to keep in touch with friends and family with Zoom (oh, for some stock in that company) and I think my texting bill might rise. 


I am happy I get to walk my dog every day! We don’t get to meet other dogs and people on these walks anymore. Everyone crosses the street now. But I find I sleep better if I have taken a good long stroll. The clear cold air on our night walks is deliciously refreshing and the sparkling sunlight on blossoms and baby leaves makes me happy during our daytime walks.


I am very happy to have my garden to putter in. I have prepared three beds now and planted lots of different greens and two rows of peas as well as an entire bed of three kinds of sunflowers and poppies which I hope will be a riot of oranges and yellows in summer. I weeded and fluffed up the soil in my bed of roses and today I will tackle a neglected area in the back of the yard and look after my blueberry bushes. So, the upside of having all my concerts canceled for the next two months is that I don’t have to take care of my hands. I love the feel of dirt!


I am practicing very little. That’s dumb so I need to work on that. I have completely fallen off my Beethoven reading and listening schedule so I can work on that too. I have a notion that I might find an ancient set of watercolors in one of our attics, left over from when my boys were in elementary school. Maybe I’ll try my hand at painting! It’ll look awful but I’ll enjoy it. I may re-read the entire “Lord of the Rings” series but yes, I must add some practicing into my days. That’s the first thing to tackle so that when we finally get to see each other again at an Amici concert I can still play the violin reasonably well. 


Very much hoping to see you all in November. Love from Amici!