Education Enrichment

2019/2020 Report
by Jessica Lambert

Even though the season was cut short Chamber Music Amici has had another wonderful year bringing live music to people from pre-school through high school in our Enrichment programs. Our ongoing commitment to free education enrichment is a core element of our mission and was met with enthusiasm again this year! All of this is possible through the generosity of our Education Sponsors.

(Above photo: Pilar Bradshaw and Steven Pologe perform March 8 with local youth musicians)



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(Photo: Head Start program in Junction City)

Chamber Music Amici has had another wonderful year bringing live performances and training to people from pre-school age through 12th grade in our Educational Enrichment Programs. Although our season was curtailed by school closures this spring due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our visits October – March were met with enthusiasm and thanks from many people this year. Amici thanks you for sharing our commitment to bringing chamber music to students and having a broad community presence!

Why take chamber music into the schools? For so many reasons! Probably the majority of the students we visit are not music students at all, so chief among our reasons might be to give all students the opportunity to see what team work and collaboration can look like. We present those skills in a musical model but the same skills can be applied to any endeavor for a successful outcome. Tried on the basketball court or in the yearbook club, the results can be equally brilliant. We all need to learn how to challenge ourselves to contribute fully to what we are doing and to hold steadily to our own role while simultaneously hearing another perspective. Not to mention these skills and attitude lead to the likelihood of deep friendships throughout life!

New this year was a vibrato workshop at Thurston High School. My idea was for a very focused and interactive workshop for high school orchestra students, so I asked the teacher at Thurston what he would most like us to help with. He thought his players would benefit from a vibrato seminar which Steven Pologe and I presented. We spent about 90 minutes with this class, Steven taking a mix of cellists and bass players, and I took about 25 violinists and violists, we taught vibrato from the found up. It was amazing and this model seems quite promising. We look forward to doing more of these seminar-type visits next year.

Another project just beginning in April followed the school closures. Knowing how important orchestra classes are to so many students we reached out to orchestra teachers in several public schools to offer free 1:1 lessons via video-conferencing to any students lacking access to private teachers during this time.

We had such wonderful experiences this year and want to share some of them with you:

2019 / 2020 Enrichment

  • Violin Presentations at nine classes at four Head Start schools in Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, and Sweet Home: Jessica Lambert and Sharon Schuman.
  • Performance of music from our October concert of Baroque music at Two Rivers Elementary School in Springfield: Margret Gries, Sharon Schuman, Colin Pip Dixon, Lillie Manis, Kathryn Brunhaver.
  • A chamber music party for 12 young musicians at which we played Bruch, Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, and Mendelssohn in various combinations for hours! Amici: Jessica Lambert, Lillie Manis with guest cellist Titus Young. Student participants Hinoki Weitzel, piano; Nina Vivek, Owen McCoy, Amelie Phillips-Meadow, Hiram Hsu, Bethel Hsu, Sabine Voelker, violins; Mary McCoy, Emma Clarke, violas; Sophia Phillips-Meadow, Solomon Hsu, cellos.
  • Workshop and performance for orchestra class at Thurston High School: Eunhye Grace Choi and Anthea Kreston.
  • Workshop and performance for two orchestra classes at South Eugene: Eunhye Grace Choi and Anthea Kreston.
  • Vibrato Workshop for orchestra class at Thurston High School: Jessica Lambert and Steve Pologe.
  • Two youth ensembles and one soloist at the Emerald Art Gallery’s February Art Walk Reception.

All of this is possible through the generosity of our Education Sponsors! We look forward to scheduling all these activities and more in the coming season. We love what we do –  thank you for being part of our community!