Chamber Music at My Core

posted on   by  Loi Heldt

By Julia Daniels

I have been playing chamber music for nearly a decade, and it is absolutely intrinsic to who I am. With the exception of solo Bach, there is no classical music that I enjoy playing or listening to more than chamber music. There is, of course, the beauty of the music itself, but for me the aspect of chamber music that is most exceptional is the collective, artistic expression that goes into its creation.

I have found, especially through attending multiple chamber music camps over many years, that rehearsing and performing chamber music with beloved friends is an unparalleled pleasure. Creating music with others is unique, and the elation I have felt after performances with friends is nearly indescribable. Through chamber music, I have learned how to be an effective communicator, both verbally and non-verbally. The ability to both give and receive constructive feedback to and from fellow quartet members, in ways that will nurture, not erode, the cohesion of the group, is essential.

Even after years of chamber music experience, however, I have never before had the chance to play all of the movements of a composition. I am tremendously excited to perform such a splendid work by the fantastic Dvorak who, luckily for me, composed especially generously for violists. I cannot wait to play with such fine musicians as those in Chamber Music Amici, and am most grateful for the opportunity they have given me.