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The Emperor's New Clothes

Peter Schickele's
"The Emperor's New Clothes"
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Hans Christian Andersen's
"The Emperor's New Clothes"
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March 2012

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“The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a collaboration between Chamber Music Amici, The Eugene Ballet, the Wildish Theater, and Springfield Public Schools, began in 2011 with a pilot project that included performances for almost 600 elementary students and a five-week curriculum linked to Oregon Standards and Benchmarks in language arts, writing, social studies, and the arts.

In our 45-minute performances, actor William Hulings presented Hans Christian Anderson’s classic fairy tale. Then five Amici and guest musicians, with narrator Sandy Naishtat, performed Peter Schickele’s hilarious musical update. For the first time anywhere, this work was performed with original ballet choreographed especially for us by Ben Goodman of Eugene Ballet.

Phase two in 2012 expanded our reach to six free performances, including curriculum and transportation for 1,700 third through fifth graders from Springfield, Cottage Grove, and Eugene. These performances were introduced by Springfield’s civic leaders (our local “Emperors), including mayor, Superintendent of Schools, city councilors, and Police Chief.

From pre- and post- tests administered in 2011 and 2012 we learned that our performances had a significant positive impact on students, in terms both of academic achievement and changing attitudes.

After the performances kids also created artwork filled with dancers, instruments, and colorful details of the story.  In hundreds of hand-written thank-you notes they used words like “scoundrel,” “loom,” “pizzicato,” and “pirouette.” They said, “When I grow up I want to work at the Wildish Theater,” or “I want to be an oboist,” or “a cellist,” or “a dancer.” One student said, “I’d give it an Oscar!” Another said with irony, “You should be very vain about yourselves!” 

In 2012-13 the third phase culminates with a video of our 2012 performances made available on this website with our curriculum for students and  teachers worldwide to use for free.

Chamber Music Amici’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” would not have been possible without generous support from:

Springfield Education Foundation
Eugene Pediatrics
The Donna and Doyle Shepherd Foundation
Rosaria Haugland Foundation
David Guy
Jim and Yvonne Wildish
Marion Sweeney, Kate and Cama Laue
Isler CPA